What can I paint was initially though of to aid painters and artists who are struggling to find inspiration they can use in their work without paying high royalty fee’s to later sell the results.

Although initially intended to serve the painting community (hence the name), we soon realised that there is a whole world out there who are in the same predicament, this includes web designers, print and design shops, graphic designer, t-shirt printers, artists of all types, reproduction shops and almost anybody with a web site to speak of.

This is why we decided to open our doors to everybody, ensuring that there are plenty of free royalty free images out there so that everybody can create and complete their projects without fear of being charged or retribution.

So please have fun with these images and above all else use them to your hearts desire, you will never be charged for them and you are free to do whatever it is you wish with them.

We always appreciate a link back to the site to help us grow and expand, but it is entirely optional and at your discretion.

The What Can I Paint team.

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